Programs & Ministries

Education Ministry


Director of Christian Education: Vacant

Sunday School Superintendent: Vacant


Rev. J.P. Patterson

Rev. Kenny Freeman

The Bible is the only source of knowledge of how to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.  There is no such thing as "love at first sight" in spiritual things.  The believer must get to know Christ very well, and this requires the daily intake of knowledge about Christ through the Word of God, which is "the mind of Christ."

Join us each Sunday morning at 9:15 AM and Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM in our quest for greater understanding in the word of God. 

Music Ministry


Minister of Music:  Rosie Warren


Richard Gaines

God created music as a means of worship, as way to enter into God’s presence, God’s realm. It was given to control atmosphere. Music played or sung by an anointed, spirit-filled Christian can create an atmosphere for God to manifest Himself to people, meeting needs, breaking yokes, setting captives free, etc.  It also clears the “stuff” out of the way so that we can hear what God is saying to us. Music communicates the spirit of the person playing or singing it.

Our music ministry is dedicated to lifting up GOD's presence in both the presenters and listeners of worship through music.  

Choir Rehearsal  - Thursdays @ 6:00 PM

Madge Brown Women's Missionary Unit & Youth Department


President: Brenda Smith

Youth Director:

A Christian ministry consisting of women of all ages striving to live according to God's Word by advancing the Kingdom of Christ.  The Women's Ministry seeks the fellowship of women for the common purpose of unification and association.

Madge Brown Youth Dept.

Our vision is to achieve and maintain a dynamic youth ministry that meets the spiritual and social needs of our youth, one that enhances their academic outlook, as well as one that fosters our youth becoming Godly successful adults.

The mission of the Madge Brown Youth Department is to nurture and develop our youth such that they: 

1) engage in worship; 2) grow in their understanding and live lives that honor Christ; 3) reach out to other youth for Christ; 4) connect with other youth in love; and, 5) gives of themselves in service to God, their family, community, as well as seeking academic excellence.


Communications & Public Relations Ministry


Communications Chair: 

Church  Clerk: Mrs. Nancy  Stockett

News Letter Editor:  Mrs. Lisa Wright

Webmaster: Rev. Kenny D. Freeman


Phone: (573) 355 1476

The mission of our mediated communications is to extend our efforts in Christian ministry to a greater audience with integrity and credibility. 

Website Patronage Rates

Commercial Business Ads - $100 per year

None & Not-for Profit  Agencies $75 per year

Patrons & Memorials - $50 per year

For more Information Contact: Webmaster

Health & Wellness Ministry


Program Chair :  Nia Imani

The Health & Wellness Ministry provides our church with a foundation for integrating health awareness messages, healthy living prevention tips and powerful engagement activities that are based in the Word of God.


Live Well By Faith 

Boone CO Public Health & Human Services

The Gents of Friendship


Men's Ministry (Proposed)

President: Vacant

The GENTS of Friendship Men's Ministry  is dedicated to the goals of  helping men grow spiritually, preparing men to become ministers to their family,  and showing men how to love their wives as Christ loves the church.

We strive to lead men to Christ and inspire, not only their membership, but also in contributing to the work  of and within the church.

We strive to lighten the load of pastoral counseling  through group support and inspire greater self-accountability among the brotherhood.

We charge ourselves  to become competent leaders in our church and community.  We pledge ourselves to be positive role models  and mentors  to our youth, especially our African-American young men.